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Doprava, špedícia, logistika. Dopravní sluzby. Medzinárodná doprava. přeprava a stahovanie Yemen

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    Holding group of companies NirGos : Doprava, špedícia, logistika. Dopravní sluzby. přepravy. NIRGOS VAS PARTNER PRO KOMPLEXNI LOGISTIKU. Doprava, špedícia, logistika. Dopravní sluzby. přepravy. Dopravit, Tarif a ceny, Silnicni přepravy. Zeleznicni přepravy. Namorni přepravy, Letecke přepravy. přepravy veletrznich a vystavnichich exponatu, silnicni přepravy. Logisticke sluzby a skladovani.

    Doprava, špedícia, logistika. Dopravní sluzby. přepravy. NIRGOS VAS PARTNER PRO KOMPLEXNI LOGISTIKU. Doprava, špedícia, logistika. Dopravní sluzby. přepravy. Dopravit, Tarif a ceny, Silnicni přepravy. Zeleznicni přepravy. Namorni přepravy, Letecke přepravy. přepravy veletrznich a vystavnichich exponatu, silnicni přepravy. Logisticke sluzby a skladovani

    we carry out transport services in Byelorussia, Russia and other world. Employees of transport company have big professional experience on logistic and CARGOîďĺđĺâîçęŕě.
    Any transport services. We render a full spectrum of services accompanying CARGOîďĺđĺâîçęŕě. Continues list of transport services - insurance of cargoes. Our experts will offer you various variants of insurance of cargoes that will allow to provide safety CARRIER.
    The transport services given by our company, meet to highest requirements of our clients. personal manager always will help client to pick up most optimum type of transport for organization of transportation of a cargo according to wishes of client.
    Entrust transport services - to professionals.

    our Company carries out container transportations. cargo is transported in special containers, universal or specialized, for certain cargoes: dangerous, perishable etc. one of advantages of container transportations is opportunity of delivery in literal sense " from doors up to doors ", and without risk of loss of safety of a cargo. Container transportations are today one of most convenient ways of transportation of cargoes:
    Containers have standard sizes and, accordingly, are easily transported by any křínds of transport. Besides container transportations are convenient for those companies which do not operate with big consignment of goods.
    Our company is engaged also sea in container transportations worldwide through various ports, including chartering, ýęńďĺäčđîâŕíčĺ, customs clearing.
    Container transportations is a modern, most economic křínd of transportation of cargoes, used both in internal, and in international messages. Container transportations are carried out by various křínds of overland, water and air transport by means of demountable transport adaptations - containers. In containers it is possible to transport any cargoes admitted(allowed) to transportation by appropriate rules.
    Container transportations considerably allow to reduce transport costs and terms of delivery of a cargo.
    Entrust container transportations ‰ to professionals.

    We give:
    Services in transportation of cargoes, international CARRIER motor transport from countries of Europe in Áĺëŕóđńü and countries of CIS.
    We have big practical operational experience in sphere of international automobile transportations. Our forwarding company organizes transportation of your cargo from any country of world in region of Russia necessary to you or Byelorussia.
    Workříng in field of international CARRIER, automobile transportations on territories of countries of Europe, Russia and countries of CIS we render services in development of completed logistical circuits and organizations of delivery of cargoes and are ready to carry out transportation of cargoes professionally at any time: âűńîęîîáúĺěíűĺ, large-sized, ADR-dangerous and other křínds of cargoes.
    Ours Expedition(dispatch) has long-term and strong attitudes(relations) about more than 300 transport companies and autoenterprises of Russia and Europe which correspond(meet) to high quality standards of service and are reliable partners.
    ŢĘîěďŕíč˙ successfully delivers cargoes full waggons in volume from 82 m. a cube. Up to 120 m. a cube., carrying capacity up to 20 tons. We organize transportation of your cargo by motor transport, having developed individual transport circuit, in limiting deadlines.
    we provide:
    - Choice and development of transport circuits of transportation of export-import cargoes, including at a stage of conclusion of contracts;
    - operative calculation of rates;
    - free-of-charge individual consultation of Clients;
    - shortest terms of transportation;
    - granting of a rolling stock both according to diagram, and in an emergency mode;
    - granting of full information on a condition of a cargo along line.
    Entrust international CARRIER-to professionals.

    we carry out a full complex of services in organization FCL and LCL cargoes, including sea CARRIER. Our problem(task) is precise coordination of all circuit: sender - a carrier - a customs warehouse - addressee.
    We offer following services:
    - Organization of mixed transit transportations through Estonia (sea delivery, ŕâčŕ, motor transport, railway);
    - Sea transportation of containers;
    - Ferry transportations by courts RO-RO from ports of Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland;
    - Railway and automobile transportations from Estonia to Russia;
    - Services in storage under customs locks in Estonia;
    - Processing, an overload in ć/ä transport or motor transport with further delivery to client on terminals;
    - Customs services in Tallinn;
    - Transportation of modular cargoes;
    - Transportation of non-standard, large-sized and dangerous cargoes;
    - Insurance of cargoes;
    - Ńţđâĺéĺđńęčĺ services.

    Conclusive advantages of our company are:
    - a territorial arrangement - an opportunity of use practically all types of transport,
    - presence of solid and reliable partners (navigable lines: Evergreen, Maersk, MSC, Hanjin,
    - wide experience in organization of transit transportations.
    It allows us to choose most preferable variant of transportation together with client. Necessarily to transport under circuit Door - Door or in part.
    We are ready to give client service for which it(he) expects.
    Entrust sea CARRIER-to professionals.

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